Barnard & Fifth Capital Group LLC is a boutique funding house specializing in alternative small business funding.

Merchant Cash Advance

One of our most popular products. This offers small business access to capital in an expedited fashion. The funds can…

Line of Credit

A traditional line of credit, generally from a major bank. This is suited for our more established clients, with a…

Invoice Factoring

The perfect option for a business which has large receivables with extended due dates. Let our experts secure your funding…


Financial Consulting

The first step to receiving, funding or financing from Barnard & Fifth is the consultation.  Your account rep will do a complete evaluation of your business and its finances to assess what the best option is for you.  This is always the first step to ensure that our clients are not taking out funding or financing that they cannot afford. Once the evaluation is complete the rep will work with you to create a financing plan for your busines

Financing Plan

Once the evaluation is complete our account reps will work with our underwriters to generate the best offer for you. We will present you with the options and will show you how our plan can help you grow your business. We will present funding and financing offers for your business, including the amounts available, payback terms and all pertinent details.

In House Funding

Our first option for all of our clients is in house funding. We provide the funds directly to our clients. This allows us to offer the best available rates and terms for our clients. We cut out all of the middle men and get our clients the best deal. We will always use this route when our underwriters are able to clear a business for funding. This also allows for the fastest turnaround time. The client gets their funds faster!

Refinance & Payoff

We are always available to discuss refinancing of funding already in place or early payoff agreements. Our overall mission is to see your business grow! We work with you to make this happen!